Make Progress… Or Stand Aside

This amazing life which each of us is privileged to live is a life of many choices.  Some of those choices determine the future course of our lives.
One of those  future-determining  choices is: “MAKE PROGRESS . .  . or stand aside!”
It wisely has been said across time that, “The world makes way for  those  who make progress.” So you have your choice of making progress or standing aside for those who do. Actually if you do not go forward, you not only must get out of the way of those who do, but you will fall behind farther and farther into oblivion.
Now let’s change our focus from the eons of development to examine only the most recent fragment of time in man’s process of evolution, There are several methods of making progress.
One method is to read what the best thinkers throughout history have written  concerning their observations  of progress or the lack of it, as  applied, to  their fellow men. In doing this, I have found agreement with the fact that the requirement to progress is a law of nature.

Here are a few observations of the world’s best thinkers:
“The true law is  progress; and development. Whenever civilization pauses in the march of conquest, it is overthrown”, wrote William Gilmore Simms, the American author.
“Progress is  the  law  of life”,  wrote Robert Browning.
“Nature knows no pause in progress. and development, and attaches her-curse. on all inaction”, wrote Goethe.

There you have the thoughts on progress as observed by three great and very different, types of thinkers. You will find that the world’s best thinkers agree with the idea that Goethe expressed best, “Nature knows no pause in progress and development.” Here you have the often-restated concept that progress is a natural law.
So we learn from nature’s own law that we must either make progress or make way for those who do. And we find that this also has been the observation of the great thinkers throughout history. Now let’s make it personal. What has been your own appraisal of the people you know who have been successful? Haven’t these successful people always stood for  progress?  Haven’t they  always had a “progressive image”? Certain words always have been associated with success.  “Progress” is  one of them.  So if you want to attract attention, get promoted, get elected, get ahead then get a reputation for making progress!
How do you start making progress? There’s a saying that a Captain who waited until his ship was perfectly ready to go to sea, would never leave the dock. Progress is  not perfection. Progress is  moving forward. You don’t have to  be perfect. You do have to progress!
The path of progress consists of step-stones built of ideas, one after the other, leading always forward toward a distant horizon beyond which we cannot see except the bright glow of a destiny worthy of our trip. But suppose one of your step-stones is insecure and you fall!  You won’t be the first to have fallen on the path of progress. Only the failures didn’t get up. And the successes always fell forward, so when they got up they found that they had advanced by falling. That’s one of the techniques of progress: FALL FORWARD!
There are so  many techniques  for  making progress that it would require an entire book just to list them.  The rewards are so great that you should spare neither time nor effort in  making yourself a symbol of progress wherever you go.
The choice is  yours now .  .  .  either make progress or make way for those who do. The world will not remember, nor highly pay, those who stand aside.

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